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    Taian german-american mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD. Is a collection


    +research and development, design, production, sales as one, specializing in the production of thermal resistance, thermocouple thermometer calibration measurement instrument manufacturers.       
    Company through continuous innovation, is now the main products are 1, thermal test equipment (thermocouple/thermal resistance automatic verification system and group of uniformity of the furnace temperature and humidity control and supporting equipment, automatic test system, temperature and humidity test box, temperature secondary instrument verification system, glass thermometer reading device, thermal meter checking instrument, environmental test chamber/incubator, etc.) widely services in calibration institutions, aerospace, petrochemical, electric power, steel, smelting, machinery manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry, scientific research in colleges and universities, etc.2, cold storage refrigerator freezer wireless temperature measuring system (system applicable to the pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, industrial manufacturing and scientific experiments in areas such as special storage environment monitoring of special materials).
    Company passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, set up perfect quality management system, advanced production equipment, strong technical development team, and there is a professional production services team.Formulated the strict production process management and inspection system, has a perfect quality assurance system.Products using high quality materials, can be processed according to the requirement of the user, makes every effort to meet customer's various production requirements.We strive to achieve: zero defect products, create good stability, strong practicability, reasonable price, advanced technology products of excellence.
    We will, as always, adherence to credibility, yan bao quality and serve for you with high quality products, in the future, we will continue to work hard, strive for greater achievements.Taian german-american company in line with the attitude of DE beauty loyal, tenacious spirit of welcome new and old customers and friends to visit, investigate.

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